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Celebrating the Adorable Bond – Rakshabandhan!

The bond of a brother and sister is like frenemies. They fight all the time but when a rescue is needed, they jump into the situation promptly. Our siblings may be the most annoying people we know but they are the ones who stay like an invisible backbone to us. This relationship of brother and sister is celebrated with great enthusiasm every year in almost all the households. Here’s one such story of love between siblings.

“Raksha Bandhan was round the corner and Disha was wondering if this year too she would have to keep her special Rakhi aside as her favorite brother might not be able to get the holiday to spend with them. Dharam was an army officer and has been posted to the borders recently which meant fewer leaves. The whole family was delighted by the promotion but this sadness of more days away from each other itched all of them inside.

Disha talked to her brother over the phone and demanded his presence; his brother couldn’t ensure it but promised to try his best. She knew that her brother had always been great at giving her heart-warming surprises, so she was certain that he would be there on the given day.

But her intuition, unfortunately, failed her as he didn’t come. She tried enjoying it with her other brothers but that emptiness kept bothering her. It was evening and Disha had lost all hopes of meeting her brother today. But it was “Classic Dharam”, even though he arrived late, he arrived with a bang. He had many chocolate boxes and a beautifully customized cake in his hand when he banged the door from outside. He was still wearing his army uniform which made him look even better. Disha jumped into his arms to hug her brother after such a long time. This Raksha Bandhan was indeed the most special one.” This is the beauty of this bond, no matter how much you hate each other, the absence of another one makes you sad without you even wanting it. This bittersweet love is what makes it unique and special.

So, all set to celebrate this beautiful bond?

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