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Brains behind the Brand

Mrs. Tauby Bhagwagar

Founder and Chief Baker -Tauby's Home Bakery

Tauby began her career working with air india, traveled the world and chose nagpur as her home ! her hands on training in baking was in assisting her sister a trained chef working with the taj hotels mumbai.


in nagpur tauby started baking as a hobby and on requests from family and friends. she came to appreciate and enjoy the smiles she was able to put on people’s faces when they got the cakes she had prepared. and so began her love affair with baking which soon became her passion. she loves baking because of the combination of flavors , the simple origins of a seemingly complex recipe and importantly, the happiness it brings out in each of us!


soon tauby could not handle her baking from home & in the backyard of her beautiful home in civil lines nagpur established a large bakery with the very best ovens and state of art baking equipment . chef ramendra joined and together they put together a team of skilled bakers each specializing in their area of production. taubys emphasis on quality innovation and strict standardization soon saw demand continuously growing. but she still maintained the same recipes and home style baking. taubys naturally became a brand and soon had to keep adding outlets in nagpur to cope with the increasing demand .


now taubys, with 10 locations and one centralized bakery makes the most delicious, homemade, scrumptious, comforting cakes, pastries, desserts, breads, cookies, all ‘kneaded’ with the freshest of ingredients and straight from the oven. you can now have in nagpur a range of cakes and desserts… from the good ol’ walnut brownie to the hip bannofee-cream-pie, from the homely apple pie to the sophisticated white chocolate cake or the red velvet cake. taubys is famous for its shaped cakes and do a range of cakes in various shapes for children, teenagers and also adults. additional wedding cakes are also hand crafted at taubys.


fresh sandwiches, wraps, puffs, rolls, stuffed buns, burgers, pizzas are among a few savories made. daily and in high demand .


tauby in her bakery also makes daily fresh gelato ie home churned italian ice creams or cold desserts with rich and exotic flavors like whisky cream, cheese cake, pissastichio, rum n rasin, pure vanilla, dark chocolate, hazellnut etc. gelato is fresher and healthier made from fresh milk, chocolates and fruit pulps.



Founder and Chief Baker -Tauby’s Home Bakery