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It’s Easter Time!

It’s Easter Time!

Easter is the most vibrant and joyous festival for Christians. It falls in the spectacular month of spring and brings the happiness to the doors of everyone. The week before it is called the “Holy Week” that includes Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, etc.

According to the New Testament, Easter is the day of resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is called the victory of Jesus over death and his resurrection signified eternal life. Its tradition includes a variety of things such as Easter bunnies, eggs, cakes, etc. Furthermore, it is the day of enjoyment and fun.

Eggs are particularly the symbol of birth and rebirth and their dyeing is considered as a special art. The bunnies are the symbol of spring and fertility.
They are a representation of Jesus coming out of the cave as a bunny comes out of a burrow.
Gifting, making and distributing Easter eggs and bunnies is the most significant tradition.

The celebration is added with more delight when the sweets are added.
Cakes and pastries serve the purpose of bliss and felicity. Families and friends gather together to feel immense nostalgia and reminisce good times!

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