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Doctors- our Heroes!

Doctors Day cakes

The doctors have been fighting like warriors for us at the frontline to ensure our safety against COVID-19. Their diligent efforts have helped us to battle the pandemic this far. We know their success stories, but very little about what goes behind the scenes. Here’s a story to define that accurately:

“It was Saturday night, the night of family dinner. Mehra family had made the pact to have at least one family dinner a week. Everyone was joyous and delicious meals added to happiness. Suddenly, Dr. Mehra got a call.  It was an emergency of a corona affected patient with dropping level of oxygen. Despite the pact, Dr. Mehra had to rush. His family had always kept their pacts sacred, but they had always considered service before self as their guiding mantra.

Dr. Mehra handled the case meticulously and brought the patient back to normal condition. It took half the night, but it was worth everything. A sigh of relief passed through his mind, but also a thought was there about his family. He felt bad about the fact that he had to leave them all of a sudden.

He returned home and was taken aback to notice everyone still on the dinner table. They all smiled at him and clapped together.

His wife said, “We know it is a struggle for you too, and we are proud of you for being such a remarkable doctor.” He felt a sense of satisfaction to have such an understanding family. They all had the cupcakes and the butterscotch cake ordered by his son for desserts and spent the rest of the night talking.”


They rush to scene when needed. They give it all.  We celebrate our true heroes.

Our Doctors.

Happy Doctors’ Day!

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