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Macarons- The Colorful Delights

Macarons are the colorful, fluffy and delicious almond cookies that are sandwiched around a mouthwatering filling like a raspberry jam or buttercream. They look like a magical sprinkle on the fascinating cakes. As much as they look interesting, their history is further more engaging.

The word macaron is derived from the Italian word, maccherone, meaning fine dough.

History Of Macarons

Though the macarons are said to be French, it’s believed that they were born originally in Italy and brought over to France as early as 1533 by Catherine Di medici, a noblewoman from Florence who married the future king of France, Henry II. The first macarons were very simple cookies made of sugar, almond flour and egg whites. In 1792, two Carmelite nuns in Nancy baked and sold macarons to survive during the French Revolution. They came to be known as the ‘Macaron Sisters.’ In 1952, the city of Nancy honored the two nuns by naming the spot where they produced the macarons after them. With time, different regions in France adopted the recipe as a local specialty dish.
The first written recipe in the history of macarons appeared in France in the early 17th century. It was written by John Murrell.

The Special Recipe

To make a Classic French Macaron, wash some almonds in three-forth water to take away the redness, lay them in a basin of warm water all night, the next day boil them, and dry them with a fair cloth, beat them until they be reasonably fine. Put a half pound of beaten sugar and beat it to make a perfect paste. Then put in half a dozen spoonful of good rose-water, when you have beaten all this together, dry it on chafing dish of coal until it grow white and stiff. Take it off the fire, and put the whites of two new-laid eggs first beaten into froth, and stir it well together. Lay them on wafers in fashion of little long rows, and bake them in an oven as hot as for manchet bread, but you must first let the heat of the oven pass over before. When they rise white and light, take them out. Let them dry for four and five hours, and they’ll be finally ready for your waiting taste buds.

Everyone’s Favorite!

Macarons stay on the bucket list of people who visit France. They are like the heart of cake, they make it look exquisite and taste heavenly. The madness around this sweet little dish is increasing constantly among the people around the world. They are capable of satisfying two senses at once, the eyes and the tongue. They are everyone’s sweet delight.

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