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Life should continue…..and so should our happiness!

Life should continue…..and so should our happiness!

The Pandemic has affected lives of every being; it has affected us both emotionally and mentally. It was a complete roller coaster ride, as nobody was aware about this virus. It was a worse public health crisis of this generation. Then lock down got imposed and we all got stuck at our homes. But we all were there together in this; we all were connected through social media. We shared our feelings our emotions, online staying connected with each other. We also shared our sorrows and worries about pandemic, to people around us or to the people we know. Staying connected made us feel lively and hopeful and gave us mental satisfaction that we all were together in this situation.

 We slowly came out of fear for corona and instead of focusing on virus we started focusing on our hobbies, our strengths, and also explored many hidden talents within us. Many were posting their paintings online, singing videos, new DI-Y’s for their home, restyling their home in a new way, planting new saplings, learning new skills online, doing online courses, etc.

So everyone was busy doing some or the other thing they loved doing instead of worrying about the virus.

We learnt many life skills staying at home and also learnt the things which they wanted to learn from ages before and now they got a chance to explore and enjoy it.

We also got time to spend with our loved ones and got a chance to know our roots (our parents). So it was a win-win situation for all of us.

Fun part for everyone was to do household work together. The work got distributed among the members of the family according to their abilities by the home minister i.e. our mom. Again everyone started sharing their “work for home stories” telling all about all the blunders they did while cleaning home, while washing clothes, while cooking and what all they learnt from it.

Cooking was favourite part for everyone it was trending all over social media. Those who didn’t know even the basics of cooking, also prepared some or the other thing and surprised their family members. As all were missing eat out and munching their favourite dishes like pani puri, noodles, manchurian, etc, they started cooking it at home and proudly shared it with their buddies.

Social media was flooded with cooking posts of people all around the world. Like cooking trend there was baking trend and almost everyone baked yummy cakes at home like Biscuit cake, mug cake, Sooji cake, etc. either in a pressure cooker or in oven as they were missing their favourite cake they used to enjoy before lockdown.

This is how we started enjoying our life in a different way. We found our happiness in small things like taking care of our loved ones, video calling our buddies, giving time for self-care and mental healing. We learnt a lot from this pandemic and as it is rightly said that life must continue to move on and should never get stuck anywhere. And happiness should be a way of living a life it should be our lifestyle as happiness brings lots of positivity and helps building our bright future and provides us strength to face life.

Stay Safe, Stay Hopeful. This too shall pass.

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