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The Fab Four!

The Fab Four!

Life is all about moving forward and growing to be a better self. But among those struggles of life, we all look out for joys and happiness. These joys are served to us by our “constants” also known as friends. Friendships have this special essence of turning everything beautiful and fun. Here’s a story of how friends already remain our constants.

“The Fab Four were known as the epitome of friendship at St. Steven’s school. These two boys and two girls used to rule the school with charm. Their loyalty and dedication towards each other was talked about everywhere. Even teachers knew the strength of their friendship. They were always seen at this bakery near their school and the Chocolate Delight Pastry used to be their go-to dessert.

But time took a turn and separated their ways. They were all forced by destiny to choose entirely different paths. The calls and texts reduced, sometimes even birthdays were missed because of the workload and family obligations. The group faded as such, it never existed. But Sanya couldn’t handle all this happening. She had always been the “glue” to the group. The girl who held them together.

It was friendship day, the next Sunday, so she decided to form a WhatsApp group and ordered (because she knew if she would ask, they’ll make excuses) them to meet. The chats started, and the group was filled with nostalgic texts. This nostalgia gave birth to the idea of meeting at the same spot they had before. All of them were extremely excited about the “Fab Four” reunion.

Their social medias were filled with stories of them together. They became the news of the town again. They brought back the memories of a whole decade in the minds of many. That evening of friendship day at their favorite bakery with the same Chocolate Delight pastry was cherished by them all.”

This is how friendships work, no matter the distance or time, the bond stays. Even after years, only those are the people who know the real and vulnerable you. Even if a hundred people leave you, some special fools always stay by your side to handle you at your worst. Celebrate them because they deserve it.

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