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This Christmas – Family first!

This Christmas – Family first!

Ryan used to work tirelessly every day. He loved his work and the fact that it kept him busy and away from other worries.
Christmas was his favorite time of the year as it brought the lights, happiness and some family time. It was the only time he could take vacations, a break from his work. This year the plan was to buy the best Desserts for his family.
The responsibilities used to be distributed among all the family members and this year “Ordering Desserts” fell into his lap.
He was glad about the same as he had the best recommendations and knew the place where he could get it all. He planned on buying plum cake, pineapple cake and a cake customized just for Christmas Party. He thought some donuts and cupcakes would be good additional surprises, so he got them packed too.
This Christmas Eve was again merrier than last year and this time the desserts won everyone’s hearts more than anything else!
Ryan has had this simple rule throughout his life- come what may, never miss Christmas time with family. This Christmas it was all about honoring his rule!
To all such Ryans, waiting to celebrate with their families – Merry Christmas!

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