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Celebrate the Child in you! – Children’s Day Story

Celebrate the Child in you! – Children’s Day Story

The light winters of November were coming over the city and it was lovely.

Samarth, a nine year old, was super excited for Children’s Day – the 14th of November.

There were two days of year that made him feel the most special – his birthday and Children’s Day.

He expressed himself at the school in front of his friends. But to his surprise, they all started laughing at him. His friends who used to enjoy the day with him were now making fun of him. They said, “We are grown-ups now, we don’t celebrate such child-like days.” (The Child-like innocence in them!)

This was heart breaking for him. He cried in a corner and decided to never even speak of it again.

When Children’s day was just two days ahead, Samarth’s grandmother called him to check for the preparation. But Samarath got confused and acted out by rejecting her invitation saying, “I am not a kid anymore.” This was new for his grandmother too.

She, however, decided to surprise him on the main day and make him smile.

She ordered a “Zoo theme customized cake” from Samarth’s favourite bakery in the town and made a small handmade gift for him. When she met him on Children’s Day, Samrath was indeed pleasantly surprised.

She talked to him and then got to know the whole story about change of heart.

She only said one line that day, that would stay with him for a long time.

The line was, “You should stay a child at heart all your life! Even I love celebrating Children’s Day with you, and see I am a 70 years old lady.”

The spirit of children’s day is not only in the excitement of young children. It’s there to remind us all that we can all stay a kid a heart to be happy and content from the inside. 



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