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Celebrating Doctors

Celebrating Doctors

Doctors are next to God for us; they are a blessing for us in our lives.

They are the one who are always there for us whenever we need them; 24/7 dedicated non-stop service. They are our well-wishers and fitness buddies and our angels.

Doctor’s day is celebrated on 1st July to give tribute to their selfless work for humanity.

On this day we should take out some time to thank all the Doctors for their existence in our lives. It is celebrated in remembrance of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, who was the chief minister of West Bengal and a Bharat Ratna awardee and a famous physician in India.

My uncle, who is a Doctor is very dedicated to his profession. I have never seen a person like him. His patients are like kids or loved ones to him; he always takes care of them like his own kids. Whenever they need him he is there for them. No doubt he is so popular among his patients and for many of them he is a Godsend. I remember one day we were attending family function and everyone was enjoying the party. He suddenly got a call from his patient asking him to come immediately because there was an emergency situation. And without any delay or second thought in mind he immediately left for his work to see his patient. He never complains about not getting time for himself or for his family. He always says Duty comes first and then family, friends and relatives.

He always used to tell us different stories about his patients and also some funny incidents which happened with him and his staff. I remember a particular one in which he told us when one of his patients, at a young age was suffering from a high blood pressure. The patient was an IT professional and was always stressed about his work and deadlines of projects. He never used to exercise or eat healthy and was addicted to smoking due to work stress.

My uncle told him to take care of himself by changing his current lifestyle and counselled him. The patient took proper medications and followed a healthy lifestyle and recovered.  Many a times it is not just the medicine, but the right words, the right advice and a friendly gesture of the doctor is what heals the patient.

As a child I always wanted to become a doctor taking inspiration from my uncle, but ended up becoming an engineerJ.

Now also whenever I meet my uncle, he shares his patient’s stories and I always listen to them with curiosity.

We should always respect doctors for their selfless work. The work has been more prominent during these times of #covid19.

This Doctor’s Day, let’s celebrate them. They might be around us – your uncle, father, mother, brother, sister, aunt, friend or your family doctor.

Let’s make this day special for them and tell them we care and we are proud of them!

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By Rasika Shendre, team Tauby’s



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