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A classic club sandwich can never go out of fashion – you would agree!

A classic club sandwich can never go out of fashion – you would agree!

 classic club sandwich can never go out of fashion or as a favourite
And one can be as creative as they like with the fillings..
Try making yourself one at home !!

1. Tauby’s Whole wheat or Multigrain Bread slices – 3
2. Butter
3. Coleslaw (shredded carrot and cabbage mixed with a bit of salt, pepper and Mayo. My personal tip is to add some mustard to the coleslaw, it gives a nice flavour to the sandwich)
One crisp lettuce leaf.
4. Ham slices or any meat cold cut
5. Shredded roast chicken (I had some from a roast chicken made earlier this week. You can do boiled shredded chicken too)
6. A fried egg (keep the yolk slightly firm and yet moist for a beautiful texture to your sandwich)
7. Grated Amul cheese

Butter 2 of the bread slices on one side each. For the centre one, I butter both sides !
2. Layer one ; Your meat / ham and cheese
3. Later two ; ; Again egg and coleslaw
4. Later three ; Meat/ ham and chicken and any leftover cheese
Sprinkle freshly ground black pepper .
5. Grill till golden brown, either on a grilled or on a flat hot pan, serve hot and enjoy!

Don’t bother with fries on the side… This one is really filling by itself.

A bit of trivia
Did you know the Club sandwich originally popularised in America by the many clubs in the late 1890s actually stands for something?

CLUB is an acronym for “chicken and lettuce under bacon”

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